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februari 2019

Online Webinar Training: Abaqus Geometry Import

februari 22 @ 11:30 - 12:00
Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00

The next presentation in the monthly Webinar series will focus on importing geometry into Abaqus/CAE.  In current practice many Finite Element Analysis begin with geometry imported from CAD.  Whilst the reliability of CAD import has improved over the years, interoperability is not perfect and users frequently encounter warning and error messages during the import process.  Abaqus has a number of import and repair options to assist the user.  This webinar will discuss frequent issues with geometry import and discus the…

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maart 2019

Online Webinar Training: Meshless Methods in Abaqus

maart 29 @ 11:30 - 12:00
Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00

In this webinar we will look at three of these modelling techniques; SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics), CEL (Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian) and DEM (Discrete Element Modelling).  For each technique the webinar will walk through how they are implemented in Abaqus and consider practical examples demonstrating when each technique is most appropriate. As well as the traditional Lagrangian elements that FE users will be familiar with, Abaqus is supplied with an additional suite of elements that can be broadly grouped under the…

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mei 2019

Online Web Training: Introduction to Python & Abaqus Scripting

mei 21 @ 10:30 - juni 18 @ 12:30
EUR 980,00

The introduction to scripting e-learning programme will be run over a course of 5 weeks, which will consist of weekly 2 hour lectures. Each lecture will include the lecture itself, demonstrations with time for questions from the delegates. Additional workshops will be provided for the delegates to conduct in their own time with email support & mentoring available for any questions. When and how? 21th May - 18th June 2019 The course starts on Tuesday and lasts 5 weeks. One…

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Online Webinar Training: Coupled thermal stress analyses using Abaqus

mei 31 @ 11:30 - 12:00
Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00

The next in the webinar series will cover sequential and fully coupled thermal-stress analyses using Abaqus. The three modes of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation will be covered, along with how these are defined in Abaqus/CAE. Frequently a thermal analysis is coupled to a stress analysis in order to determine the impact of thermal loading on the structural behaviour.  If the structural behaviour will not influence the thermal behaviour, a sequential analysis approach can be adopted, but if the…

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juni 2019

Online Webinar Training: Residual Stress and Springback using Abaqus

juni 28 @ 11:30 - 12:00
Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00

In this month’s webinar we will be covering residual stress and springback. We will look at their definition and implications on FEA, how to deal with springback efficiently in Abaqus and the transfer of residual stresses and deformed parts between Abaqus steps and solvers. Often the forming of metallic parts involves large quasi-static deformations and multiple sources of non-linearity. Processes such as these are regularly analysed using Abaqus/Explicit. This has implications when the aim is to model the forming process…

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