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Abaqus tutorial creating bracket

Abaqus Tutorial 1 Simple Bracket

Learn how to test and simulate a simple bracket in Abaqus.


Abaqus Tutorial 2 Basic Pin & Lug

Learn how to assemble a Pin/Lug and perform contact analysis


Abaqus Tutorial 3 Basic Beam Elements

Build a framework model using a 3D wireframe read in from a CAD system.


Abaqus Tutorial 4 I-Beam

Test some of the skills learnt during tutorials 1, 2 and 3.


Abaqus Tutorial 5 Plastic Deformation

Learn about simple plastic deformation with unloading.


Abaqus Tutorial 6 Crash Box

Use Abaqus Explicit to model Crash and Impact.


Abaqus Tutorial 7 Snap Fit

Use Abaqus Explicit for a Snap-Fit behaviour contact challenge.


Abaqus Tutorial 8: Bolts

build a pre-tensioned bolt model, helping with applying a bolt load


Abaqus Tutorial 9: Ball Plate Impact

Learn how to simulate the impact of a ball being fired at an aluminium plate.


Abaqus Tutorial 10: Composites

Learn how to modify a structural model of an aircraft wing to define the material properties and the stacking sequence of the laminated structures.


Abaqus Tutorial 11a: Ply Failure

Learn how to modify a structural model of a wing panel to define the material properties including the ply failure parameters.


Abaqus Tutorial 11b: Ply Failure

Learn how to modify a structural model of a stiffened panel to define the material properties including the ply failure parameters.


Abaqus Tutorial 12: VCCT

Learn how to model the failure of a bond with the Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT).


Abaqus Tutorial 13: Cohesive Contact

Learn how to model the failure of a bond with a cohesive approach.


Abaqus Tutorial 14: Importing Implicit Into Explicit

This tutorial guides you through importing implicit into explicit and covers an example with a pre-tensioned bolt imported to a impact drop.

Abaqus tutorial ply failure with XFEM

Abaqus Tutorial 15a: Ply Failure with XFEM

Learn how to modify a structural model of a stiffened panel to define the material properties including the ply failure parameters and create X-FEM domains.


Abaqus Tutorial 15b: XFEM, Modelling Crack Propagation

Learn how to modify a model of a compact tension (CT) test to define thematerial properties, including a pre-existing crack and create X-FEM domains.


Abaqus Tutorial 16: CEL, Moulding of a polymetric bottle

Learn how to setup a Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) model of the moulding process of a polymeric bottle.


Abaqus Tutorial 17: CEL, Model of a boat floating

Learn how to create a CEL model of a boat floating on a wavy sea


Abaqus Tutorial 18: Heat transfer Model of a hot teapot

Learn how to  create a pure heat transfer model of a hot teapot.


Abaqus Tutorial 19: Thermal – stress analysis of a bimetallic switch

Learn how to create a coupled thermal-stress simulation of a bimetallic thermostat in which temperature field and displacement are solved together.


Abaqus Tutorial 20: Pulsating flow in a bifurcated vessel with Abaqus/CFD

Learn how to create a transient fluid dynamic analysis of a bifurcated artery with Abaqus/CFD.


Abaqus Tutorial 21: Compression & Stress Relaxation of a Viscoelastic Rubber Seal

Learn how to investigate the time-dependent viscoelastic behaviour of a rubber seal after compression.


Abaqus Tutorial 22: Natural Frequency Extraction of a Bridge

Learn how to perform a linear dynamic analysis to extract the natural frequencies of a steel bridge.


Abaqus Tutorial 23: Sloshing in a tank modelled using SPH as an example

Learn how to use SPH modelling in Abaqus CAE.


Abaqus Tutorial 24: Threaded Connector & Pressure Penetration

Learn how to use a bolt load and assesment of a connection by means of pressure penetration interaction.

Abaqus Python Scripting

Abaqus Tutorial 25: Python Scripting to run different models

Learn how to create a model of a bending beam and subsequently create a macro and a python script to change the mesh size in the model and rerun it.

Abaqus Python Scripting

Abaqus Tutorial 26: Three point bending

In this tutorial, you will be shown examples which demonstrates high quality contact simulation.

Abaqus Python Scripting

Abaqus Tutorial 27: Rubber Seal

In this tutorial it will show you the capability of Abaqus to solve for contact where an instance gets in contact with itself.

Abaqus Disk Brake

Abaqus Tutorial 28: Disk Brake

This exercise will show you how to include friction as interaction property and how to investigate its effects for a disk brake system.

Abaqus Managing overclosures

Abaqus Tutorial 29: Managing overclosures

In this tutorial, you will learn how to treat overclosures with a contact pair approach.

Abaqus Geometric Smoothing

Abaqus Tutorial 30: Geometric Smoothing, Contact Stabilization

This exercise is intended to show two useful Abaqus capabilities related to contact handling: geometric surface smoothing and contact stabilization.

Abaqus Geometric Smoothing

Abaqus Tutorial 31: Snap Fit simulation: dynamic instabilities

This tutorial shows an example of how to deal with such dynamic instabilities by either introducing viscous stabilization or by solving the problem with a dynamic procedure.

Abaqus Tower fall: beam contact

Abaqus Tutorial 32: Tower fall: beam contact

This exercise involves the use of beam elements to model a tower falling. Contact with two objects on the floor will deform the tower.

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