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Simuleon’s joint venture structure provides the ability for flexible scale-up of resources for the project.

FEA Consultancy – CFD Analysis Examples

Challenge us with your CFD product or process conditions and let us help you to achieve your goals.

Rotating Flow behaviour for Turbines and Pumps

CFD Analysis - Rotating Flow behaviour for Turbines and Pumps

What rotating flow challenge can we solve for you?

Rotating Flows and CFD for Turbines and Pumps can be a very challenging CFD area of expertise when your goal is to gain realistic results.  The high complexity in rotational regions, moving meshes and fluid structure interaction demand experience in order to reach your goals. Luckily Simuleon has the in-house knowledge to solve your CFD challenges with success. The CFD Analysis can be performed by our consultants with XFlow CFD, Abaqus CFD and SolidWorks Flow Simulation.

CFD Fluid Structure Interaction

How can we help you to couple CFD Behaviour to Structural Behaviour?

CFD Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis can be performed whenever you are interested in both the dynamic flow behaviour as well as the effects like stress and displacement of the structure due to that flow. Of course the displacement of the structure will be updated and taken into account for the dynamic CFD Analysis again. We have the capability to couple Abaqus to XFlow CFD

CFD Analysis - CFD Fluid Structure Interaction

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