SIMULIA fe-safe

Accurate Fatigue Analysis

Durability for Finite Element models with direct interfaces to all leading FEA suites

Accurate fatigue analysis

Accurate multiaxial strain based fe-safe calculations for your realistic fatigue life predictions.

Interface with leading FEA

A standalone solution which can be used with Abaqus, Nastran, Pro-Engineer, SDRC-Ideas and Ansys.

Combined complex loads

A user friendly interface to read in and combine different loads from your Finite Element Model.

Exotic materials

Predict fatigue for your combined random vibration loading for metals and non-metals like rubber.


Tailor and predict the life of your products.



Apply a full range of loading types.

Analysis methods

Use many types of analysis methods for your accurate fatigue estimations.


Write output in native format for different FEA solutions to perform visual postprocessing in your own familiar software.

Material database

A convenient material database with different validated materials to apply.
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Functionalities SIMULIA fe-safe

Powerful features to perform your accurate fatigue analysis

Analysis methods

fe-safe includes a wide range of analysis methods, all of which are included in the standard package.


Use many analysis methods

  • Strain-based multiaxial fatigue algorithms—axial strain, shear strain, Brown-Miller with a multiaxial Neuber’s ruleand cyclic plasticity model
  • S-N curve analysis including multiaxial fatigue using axial stress or a new Brown-Miller analysis formulated for use with S-N curves
  • Dang Van multiaxial fatigue for high cycle design
  • Plots of material data including the effect of temperature,strain rate etc.
  • Advanced analysis methods for fatigue of cast irons
  • Analysis of welded joints
  • High temperature fatigue
  • Analysis from elastic and elastic-plastic FEA stresses, linear and non-linear analysis
  • Automatic detection of surfaces
  • Automatic detection of fatigue hot-spots
  • Comprehensive element/node group management
  • Stress gradient corrections
  • Critical distance algorithms
  • Critical plane methods for random vibration fatigue
  • Analysis of rotating parts
SIMULIA fe-safe - Analysis Methods and Result Reporting


fe-safe can predict fatigue lives from a range of loading types.

SIMULIA fe-safe - Loading Possibilies

Use many loading types

  • Single load time history applied to a linear elastic Finite Element model
  • Multiple time histories of loading superimposed in fe-safe (more than 4000 load histories can be applied)
  • Sequence of FEA stresses (elastic or elastic-plastic, linear or non-linear)
  • Superimposition of steady state modal solutions
  • Superimposition of transient dynamic modal solutions
  • PSD loading, block loading test programmes, rainflow cycle matrices
  • Effects of forming or assembly stresses can be included
  • Combine different types of loadings

Output to FEA

A wide range of results in a single run.


Multiple output possibilities

  • Contours of fatigue life show crack initiation site
  • Contours of stress-based factors of strength for a specified design life
  • Probability of survival for specified lives (the ‘warrantycurve’)
  • Which loads need to be included in a test program
  • Contour plots of maximum stress during loading
  • Detailed results – time histories of stresses and strain, Haigh and Smith diagrams, Dang Van plots and many more
  • Damage at the critical location from each loading block
  • Vector plots identifying critical damage planes
SIMULIA fe-safe - Results Output

Material database

Tested and validated materials

SIMULIA fe-safe - Extended Fatigue Material Database

Use materials from database

  • Comprehensive material database of strain-life and S-N curve properties
  • Fully validated and cross-referenced to international standards
  • Equivalent specifications allow searching on US, European, Japanese and Chinese standards
  • Users can add their own materials and material parameters
  • Strain-life and S-N data is included
  • Data has been reanalyzed and correlated with different international standards
  • Chemical composition and heat treatment data
  • Trace-back to original references

Demo video fe-safe software

The fe-safe Demo gives an overview of the fe-safe graphical user interface and fatique analysis examples based on Abaqus results.
Watch the fe-safe demo video
SIMULIA fe-safe demo video

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