Industrial Equipment & Engineering Industry Solutions

SIMULIA Technology for Industrial Equipment & Engineering Applications

Perform realistic simulations to validate accurate environments

Robust Non-Linear Capabilities

SIMULIA Abaqus is known in this particular industry for robust and powerful non-linear capabilities.

Powerful Contact Capabilities

SIMULIA Abaqus has unique and extreme powerful contact capabilities compared to our competitors.


Flexible FSI Modelling Approach

SIMULIA Abaqus has flexible methods to model your industry specific Fluid Structure Interaction Challenges.


Combined Software Technologies

With the Extended Token model, you can access the complete SIMULIA Portfolio from the same token pool.

SIMULIA Industrial Equipment & Engineering applications

Perform realistic simulations for  specific industry behaviours.



Contact Analysis

Predict the contact behaviour between multiple bodies and structures on a robust and accurate way.

Crack Propagation Analysis

Predict the propagation of possible cracks on a fast way without remeshing between the crack growth steps.

Plasticity and Damage Modelling Analysis

Take into account plasticity and damage failure behaviour to perform virtual destructive tests in order to ensure safety.

Bolt Load Analysis

Use realistic assumptions to check the validity of your bolts in your designs. Apply pre-tensioned bolts and simulate the bolt behaviour.

Applications of SIMULIA Technology for the Industrial Equipment & Engineering Industry

Analyses performed in the Industrial Equipment & Engineering Industry with SIMULIA Technology


Use many analysis possibilities, like:

  • Turbine & Rotational Dynamics
  • Plasticity and Damage Modelling
  • Crack Propagation
  • Gear Contact Analysis
  • Ball Bearing & Lubrication Analysis
  • Ceramics Material Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Frequency & Vibration Analysis
  • Rigid Body Kinematics
  • Explosion Blast Analysis
  • Bolt Load Analysis
  • Weld Analysis
  • Concrete Material Analysis
  • Heattransfer Analysis
Abaqus Dynamic Gear Contact Analysis

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