Topology optimization

Tosca Structure & Tosca Fluid to create optimal structures based on FEA calculations

Seamless integration

Seamless Tosca integration with leading FEA & durability solvers like Abaqus, Ansys and MSC Nastran.

Create unique structures

Topology optimization creates the best possible shapes for it’s structural performance needs.

Integrated or standalone

Available as integrated software within Abaqus, or through a dedicated standalone interface.

Improve existing designs

Shape optimization can be applied to optimize existing designs to perform even better.


Stuctural & CFD topology optimization


Structural topology

A flexible, modular software system for non-parametric structural optimization that provides topology, shape and bead optimization using industry standard finite element solvers like ANSYS, Abaqus, and MSC Nastran.

Fluid topology

A unique, modular software system for non-parametric fluid flow optimization that enables topology optimization with industry-standard CFD solvers like STAR CCM+ and Fluent.

Integration with SIMULIA portfolio

Tosca Structure can be combined with Abaqus, fe-safe and Isight. That is the power of the SIMULIA portfolio.
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SIMULIA Tosca Structure & Tosca Fluid

Technologies SIMULIA Tosca

Structural & fluid topology optimization to create unique product performance.

Tosca Structure

Structural topology optimization coupled with leading FEA software

SIMULIA Tosca Structure - Topology Optimization Process

Topology optimization

Conceptual design for lighter and stiffer structures. Create lightweight, ready-to-manufacture product designs and reduce time-to-market, physical tests, and prototype builds.

Shape optimization

Improve existing designs for more reliable and durable components. Minimize stress, strain, and damage – or any combination of these – by automatic modification of the surface geometry.

Bead optimization

Improve the static and dynamic properties of shell structures. Generate optimal bead layouts while accounting for manufacturing constraints, complex geometries, and realistic loads.

Optimization module in Abaqus CAE

Define optimization tasks interactively on 3D Abaqus Standard models with the Abaqus integrated graphical user interface for optimization and FEA jobs

Tosca Extension for Ansys Workbench

Define topology optimization tasks interactively on 3D ANSYS Workbench models and author, run and post-process your optimization task within familiar ANSYS Workbench environment.

Tosca Ansa environment

Define optimization tasks interactively from within the Ansa environment on predefined 3D models supporting Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran.

Tosca Structure Graphical User Interface

Tosca Structue.gui, a standalone graphical user interface which supports Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran FE models

Tosca Fluid

CFD Topology optimization for high-end CFD Software


Generate reduced pressure drop and enhanced flow uniformity

Profit from full design flexibility to create a design proposal in the initial design phase. Achieve design goals using the available design space and achieve fast turnaround from analysis to design, with a single CFD solver run.

Powerful graphical user interface

Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface allows for fast setup and direct execution of optimization tasks. Monitoring of optimization progress with real-time feedback, using industry-standard CFD solvers. Intuitive postprocessing and geometry generation for optimized design proposals.

Mass flow balancing

Generate design concepts for a desired flow split ratio with multiple given outlets. Achieve an optimized flow distribution for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Typical applications for flow balancing are HVAC components, flow splitters, and heat exchangers.

Reduction of flow instabilities, induced noise and vibration

TOSCA Fluid has been successfully used for the design of noise and stability-sensitive components such as climate control components, hydraulic systems, pneumatic components and coolingducts.
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