Isight Tutorials

Easy to use SIMULIA Isight Tutorials to improve your efficiency on
Design of Experiments, Optimization & Automation


Isight Tutorial 1 Buckling optimization

Learn how to create a simple workflow in this first of the Isight Tutorials.



Isight Tutorial 2 DOE & Monte Carlo simulation

Learn how to define a DOE analysis and a Monte Carlo simulation in Isight.


Isight Tutorial 3 Abaqus integration with Isight

Learn how to include an Abaqus component within an Isight workflow.


Isight Tutorial 4 Abaqus scripting & Excel integration

Learn how to combine Abaqus and Microsoft Excel within an optimization Isight workflow.


Isight Tutorial 5 Material calibration

Learn how to use the Data Matching feature of Isight.


Isight Tutorial 6 Import CAD geometries

Learn how to import complex CAD geometries into Abaqus from other CAD software such as SOLIDWORKS

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