Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis

The best Abaqus suite of non-linear Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics solvers.

Powerful user interface

A single Abaqus environment for your pre- and post-processing, simplification and advanced meshing.

Multiphysics simulations

An Implicit or Standard solver, an Explicit Solver, a CFD solver and many more capabilities.

Robust contact 

Peerless algorithms provide you with confidence to reach convergence for your contact analysis.

Designed for high demands

Used by Simulation Specialists, and more and more by engineers to solve their specific non-linear challenges.


Realistic Simulation with advanced multiphysics solutions.


Import and create 2D and 3D geometry

The interface enables you to set-up your own 2D or 3D geometry from scratch, or read in many common 3D files to perform your simulations on.

Powerful solvers available in the same interface

Powerful solvers to find solutions for your simulation challenges. The Implicit, Explicit and CFD solver all available through one and the same interface.

Powerful contact analysis

Peerless algoritms assure to have the most accurate, robust and reliable contact capabilities, to reach convergence for your contact analysis challenges.
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Technologies SIMULIA Abaqus 

Powerful solvers and interface default available in one single type of software.

Abaqus CAE

Pre- and post-processing, simplification and advanced meshing.

SIMULIA Abaqus CAE - Complete Abaqus Environment

Import and create 2D and 3D geometry

The interface enables you to set-up your own 2D or 3D geometry from scratch, or read in many common 3D files to perform your simulations on.

Simplify and repair imported geometry

Virtual topology tools available to simply geometry to prevent unnecessary details and repair sliver faces or small gaps and imperfect surfaces.

Advanced meshing

Apply free meshing, structured meshing, sweep meshing and bottom-up meshing, creating partitions and use of many tet and hex elements.

User friendly pre- and post-processing

Setting up your simulations, applying multi step approaches, and interpreting results with a powerful and user friendly interface.

Abaqus Standard

The implicit solver for non-linear static and low speed dynamic events.


Perform general, linear and non-linear analyses

Simulations like static and dynamic stress/displacement, direct cyclic, low-cycle fatigue, creep, heat transfer, Acoustics, magnetics and multi-physics.

Perform linear perturbation analyses

Simulations like eigenvalue buckling, natural frequency, steady-state and transient modal dynamics and response spectrum.

Use special purpose elements

Many types of elements for specific analyses like shells, membranes, gaskets, continuum, trusses, cohesive and many other types of elements.

Switch easily between different solving techniques

The simulation started with Standard can be continued with Explicit which provides high flexibility for your convergence challenges.
SIMULIA Abaqus Standard - Robust contact capabilities

Abaqus Explicit

The explicit solver for fast transient dynamic events.

SIMULIA Abaqus Explicit - High Speed Events

Perform dynamic analysis

Intended for high-speed transient dynamic events and also suited for highly nonlinear quasi-static events.

Use different approaches

Coupled Eularian Lagrangian for droptest filled with liquid, or Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for sloshing effects and bird strike impact analysis.

Tailored elements and loading types

Different elements like continuum elements, particle elements such as SPH and DEM and specific loadings like airblast, acoustic and amplitude curves.

Switch easily between different solving techniques

The simulation started with Explicit can be continued Standard which provides high flexibility for your convergence challenges.

Abaqus CFD

The Computational Fluid Dynamics solver


CFD techology developed for the structural engineer

Simulate in-compressible fluid dynamics, transient and steady state, fluid and solid heat transfer, natural convection and laminar and turbulent flows.

Easy to use and fully integrated

CFD comes standard with your SIMULIA license. No need to leave the interface to setup your CFD analyses.

Possibilities for Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

The  CFD solver can be used in combination with Standard or Explicit to perform co-simulation for fully coupled FSI Analysis.
SIMULIA Abaqus CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics and FSI

Abaqus Flexible Licensing

A flexible token-based licensing system for concurrent users and speeding up Simulations by running on multiple cores


Buy or Lease

Purchase Abaqus, or choose for yearly or quarterly lease and add tokens during the contract to fulfill your Simulation needs.

Flexible scalability

Use tokens to run on additional cores. If you are in a need for extra simulation power, just order additional tokens.

Pricing model

The Abaqus pricing model not based on functionality, but on using X number of CPU & GPU Cores, and concurrent number of users.

SIMULIA Abaqus add-ons

Additional plugins to raise your efficiency

Abaqus associative interfaces

Be connected with your 3DCAD environment


Abaqus associative interface - CATIA V5

Use CATIA V5 Parts and Products in CAE. Materials and publications can be imported to the Abaqus model.  file formats like .CATPart and .CATProduct files can be imported in  CAE as well.

Abaqus associative interface - SolidWorks

Use SolidWorks parts and assemblies in Abaqus CAE. Change the model in SolidWorks and revisions are pushed to CAE without loss of analysis features which were applied earlier to the Abaqus model.

Abaqus associative interface - Pro/ENGINEER

Use Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies in Abaqus CAE. Includes a translator to export Pro/ENGINEER parts, assemblies and Elysium Neutral (.enf_abq) files. Features like radius, length or hole diameter can be changed in Abaqus and updated to Abaqus and the Pro/ENGINEER model.

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