Automotive Industry Solutions

SIMULIA Technology for Automotive Applications

Perform accurate simulations to validate safe environments

Robust Non-Linear Capabilities

SIMULIA Abaqus is known in this particular industry for robust and powerful non-linear capabilities.

Powerful Contact Capabilities

SIMULIA Abaqus has unique and extreme powerful contact capabilities compared to our competitors.


Rubber & Composite Material Modelling

SIMULIA has flexible and accurate material models to predict the behaviour of Rubber and Composites.


Combined Software Technologies

With the Extended Token model, you can access the complete SIMULIA Portfolio from the same token pool.

SIMULIA Automotive applications

Perform realistic simulations for  specific industry behaviours.



Tyre Contact Analysis

Predict the contact footprint and friction behaviour of your tyre treads.

Aquaplaning Analysis

Simulate the Aquaplaning behaviour of your tyre concepts before they exist in reality.

Crashworthiness Analysis

Perform accurate crash and impact analysis, to ensure crashworthiness and safety aspects.

Acoustics Analysis

Use NVH – Noice Vibration Harshness, to predict the acoustic behaviour of tyres, break squealing, and interior acoustics.

Applications of SIMULIA Technology for the Automotive Industry

Analyses performed in the Automotive industry with SIMULIA Technology


Use many analysis possibilities, like:

  • Tyre Contact Analysis
  • Tyre Acoustics Analysis
  • Aqua Planing Behaviour
  • Crash Safety Analysis
  • Airbag Deployment Analysis
  • Composite Chrush Analysis
  • Rigid Body Kinematics
  • Topology Optimization (Tosca)
  • Brakes
  • Powertrain Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis (fe-safe)
  • Crash Test Dummy Interaction
Simuleon Automotive Applications

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