Structural Analysis

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FEA Consultancy – Structural Analysis Examples

Challenge us with your structural product or process goals and let us help you to achieve your goals.

Composite Failure Behaviour

Structural Analysis - Composite fibre structure

What composite challenge can we solve for you?

Our expertise on Structural Analysis and more specific Composite Failure Behaviour, can help you to gain more insight in the complexity of the composite material during failure and generic behaviour.

Frequencies, Linear Dynamics and Vibrations

How can we help you to prevent vibrations in your structures?

Linear Dynamics ,Modal Frequency Analysis and Vibration Analysis, can help you to understand and prevent the vibration behaviour in structures. Our expertise in this area of Structural Analysis will help you to gain more insight in the dynamic behaviour of your products and structures.

Structural Analysis - Frequency, Linear Dynamics and Vibrations

Post Buckling Behaviour

Structural Analysis - Post Buckling Pipe Analysis

Do you want to influence the Post Buckling behaviour of your structure?

Post Buckling Behaviour, better known as the deformation after buckling initiation, can help to understand how a structure will fail when the loading gets too high. This effect can be modelled very accurately with Structural Analysis. This knowledge can also be used to model energy absorbers like crash barriers and impact buffers.

Drop test, Impact and Crash

How can we help you to predict structural performance for Drop test, Impact and Crash?

Drop test, Impact and Crash Analysis are often performed to ensure the structural performance in those typical short-time events. Typical Structural Analysis that we can perform are: drop tests of fluid filled containers or electronics, ball impact analysis, ballistics, bird-strike analysis, impact of landinggears and crash of cars, boats, planes or other structures.

Structural Analysis - Droptest of Liquid filled container

Explosion Blast Behaviour

Structural Analysis - Blast Screen

Can we help you to prevent failure due to Explosion Blasts?

Explosion Blast Analysis can be performed to ensure explosion safety for critical and hazardous surroundings. You can think of offshore, drilling platforms and military vehicles or vessels. The explosion will create a pressure wave which can cause huge damage to your structures. Another application of this Structural Analysis is a blast screen to absorb the pressure wave energy as shown in the picture.

Fluid Structure Interaction

Can we help you to solve your Fluid Structure Interaction challenge?

Fluid Structure Interaction Analyses are performed in situations where the structure and the fluid are influencing each others behaviour. Challenge our Structural Analysis expertise with your typical FSI problem.

Structural Analysis - Fluid Structure Interaction - Tyre Aqua Planing

Soil Structure Interaction

Structural Analysis - Soil Structure Interaction

How can we help you to predict the behaviour of Structures interacting with Soils?

Soil Structure Interaction Analysis is performed in in situations where a Structure has interaction with a Soil (mixture between sand, water and rocks). Most of these type of simulations are performed for the Offshore and  Dredging industry, Subsea Systems and Architecture.

Multiphysics; Thermal-Structural

Can we help you to predict coupled behaviour like Thermal-Stuctural effects?

Multiphysics – Coupled Thermal Structural Analysis is performed in situations where the temperature has a high influence on the result of the performance of the structure. With these simulations you will gain knowledge about the thermal warpage and deformation of your product or structure due to heat or cooling effects.

Structural Analysis - Multiphysics Thermal-Structural

Fatigue Analysis

Structural Analysis - Fatigue Life Prediction

Can we help you to accurately predict the Fatigue Life of your products?

With our help to perform accurate Strain-Based Fatigue Analysis, we can accurately predict the locations and life estimations of your products or concepts. This will make sure that your designs will meet your specifications regarding fatigue.

Hyper Elastics and Rubber Material Behaviour

How can we help you to accurately model the behaviour of complex Rubber and Hyperelastic Materials?

Hyperelastics and Rubber Material are materials with an extreme non-linearity. The material responds differently in different loading directions like planar, biaxial and uniaxial. Besides that there are different material models which can characterise the specific behaviour of the material. Some of those material models are: Neo-Hookean, Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, Arruda-Boyce, Yeoh, Marlow, etc. Of course we can help you to perform a Structural Analysis to model the correct behaviour using the right material model.

Structural Analysis - Hyperelastic Material Behaviour

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