Introduction to Tosca Structure Training Course

Get trained on Tosca Structure for topology optimization

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The training consists of theory, trainer examples and clear workshops to exercise what was tought.

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Each month training is planned and we are flexible to change that scheme for your convenience.

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Official SIMULIA training material

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SIMULIA Introduction to Tosca Structure Training Course

The perfect training to get started with Tosca Structure for your topology optimization challenges

Introduction to Tosca Structure Training Course

Who should attend

This training is recommended for all new Tosca Structure users, independent of the FE-Solver and Pre-/Postprocessing environment in use. Participants should have some basic knowledge of CAE in order for the course to be effective. Experience with structural optimization techniques is not required.

Course Objective

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the structural optimization capabilities of Tosca Structure. During the course topology, shape, sizing and bead optimization problems are solved, and results are evaluated.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to structural optimization with Tosca Structure
  • Optimization workflow in different user environments (Tosca ANSATM environment, Tosca Structure.gui, Tosca Extension for ANSYS Workbench)
  • Getting the best structure: topology optimization with Tosca Structure.topology
  • Effective and quick evaluation: Visualization, postprocessing and result validation
  • Improving durability, stress reduction, increasing frequencies: shape optimization with Tosca Structure.shape
  • Optimal design for sheet metal structures: shell thickness optimization with sizing
  • Maximizing stiffness of sheet metal structures: bead optimization with Tosca Structure.bead
  • Integration of Tosca Structure in your development process: Interaction with FE-Solvers and result transfer for CAD


Introduction to Tosca Structure Training Course

Location Classroom: The Netherlands

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