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Online Webinar Training: Substructures & Submodelling with Abaqus

28 February 2020 @ 11:30 - 12:00

Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00

How to strike the right balance between accuracy and solve times has been a major consideration for analysts since the inception of FEA. In an ideal world we would include all parts and mesh each thread and fillet to ensure we have captured every detail of the model accurately. However, experienced analysts know that even with the luxury of modern-day processors, for many applications this is still a pipe dream. In reality, we tend to use our engineering judgement to omit certain parts or features and reduce mesh densities to reach acceptable but compromised solutions.

Luckily for us, Abaqus has a couple of “have your cake and eat it” solutions to this perennial problem in the form of substructures and sub-modelling. These features help in a couple of common scenarios. The first is related to analyzing large models that require a reduction in fidelity at the local level in order to achieve reasonable solve times. In this scenario, after post-processing, the analyst may decide that they need accurate results in an area of coarse mesh. Sub-modelling provides an efficient alternative to simply refining that region and re-running the entire global model.

The second scenario is one in which a large assembly includes duplicate parts but where accurate stresses are not required for each instance of that part. The use of substructures offers a great alternative to including all the instances for which accurate results are not required, resulting in shorter solve times without compromising on the accuracy in regions of interest.
We hope you’ll join us for this month’s webinar where we will discuss the theory behind substructures and sub-modelling and the methodology required to take advantage of each of them.

– Substructures
Concept and overview
Methodology and theory

-Node-base Sub-modelling
Concept and overview
Methodology and assumptions
Boundary conditions

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The “Online Webinar Training: Substructures & Submodelling with Abaqus” webinar is a paid online training for existing customers. Other companies can sign up and receive a free webinar once. The costs for 10 Online Webinar Training Sessions during the year are EUR 1.175,00.

The link for the online event will be sent just one week before the actual date so if you register, please note it in your agenda already.

Webinar Training: Substructures & Submodelling

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28 February 2020
11:30 - 12:00
Continual Learning Program - 10 Webinars per year for EUR 1175,00
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Dolf Broekaart
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